Kirk and Becca Tjaden

kirkBeccaThe Tjaden’s are faithfully serving with the US Ministry of Campus Crusades for Christ in Niamey, Niger.  Niger is the least developed country in the world ranking last place on the UN’s Human development index and there is a great need for the Gospel.

While in Africa, the Tjaden’s will be serving along side a 6 person team on a college campus of 13,000 students.  The campus is located in the Capital City of Niamey and consists of 10% women, and is 99.9% Muslim.

Due to the heavily Muslim population they will be doing a lot of “soil softening” and relationship building in order to break down any false views they might have of Christians.

Their desire on campus is for there to be a student-led movement that will change the face of Africa for Christ. They have a win, build, send strategy where they will introduce people to Christ, building them up in the faith through discipleship and traning and then send them out to win, build, and send others.

Jonathan and Jenny Stoll

Jonathan, Jenny and Johanna Stoll departed February 23rd, 2013 to return to Ethiopia with SIM. Their second missionary term will focus on Amharic language traning and connecting to the Ethiopian Orthodox community in the northern city of Bahir Dar.  Jonathan will be teaching technology at a Bible school in Bahir Dar and workign with a mentor to disciple Ethiopian believers in the region.  Jenny will focus on being a stay-at-home mom and heading up the family’s hospitality outreach.  They are grateful to all those back home in the U.S. who are equal partners in this ministry through generous prayer and financial support.  It is their hope that this new direction in ministry will bring great glory to Jesus Christ!

Elizabeth Simmons

elizabethWhile in Germany, Elizabeth will be working as a Project Supervisor with EuroTeam.  In this role she will be facilitating teams of North Americans as they come to serve alongside ministries that are reaching both Nationals and Immigrants living in every country across Europe.

Her excitement about this new calling is two-fold. One is the opportunity to serve people from around the world living in Europe – spreading the Gospel to those who might otherwise remain unreached.  The second is the chance to give North Americans the experience of serving in Europe and exploring how God might be further calling them to serve in the dark spiritual landscape of Europe – whether they go, give, or pray.